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First impressions are everything, and you only get one first impression! Make sure website makes a statement! By interviewing you, and your clients we learn how to showcase your core offerings in a dynamic and engaging way. We have a talented team that can bring your website to life!

Make sure your website is inviting and user friendly. We design websites that leave a lasting impression and that are easy to use!

Having a professionally developed website well ensure that your business is showcased in the best light possible.

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I need a new website

Do I Need A New Website?

If you built your website yourself or used a web designer to build your website, most likely you will need a new website. The most common issue we see are shortcuts that cause errors that simply cannot be fixed. These shortcuts often include outdated code that cause slow loading websites and compatibly issues with certain web browsers.

The amount of time it would take to try to repair the problems seen in websites not built by professionals out-weighs the time it would take to re-build the site correctly from the ground up. We don’t take these recommendations lightly. Using state of the art technologies we run your website through several analysis tool, present you with our findings and guide you into making an informed decision based on facts.

Do it yourself websites

Can I build my own website?

This question is asked a lot! The short, simple answer is yes you can. The more complicated in depth answer is you probably shouldn’t. There is no shortage of do-it-yourself website builders that allow you to use some pre-defined templates and create a site for an on-going monthly fee. Generally these templates are mobile friendly and even let you change some colors, or add some of your own photos. This is fine for a business that isn’t looking to attract new leads, or get found on Google. If your goal is to use your site professionally, you want something that is branded, loads fast and can be found in the search results pages, then you should not be trying to build your own site.

Professionally built websites give you complete control over every element that goes into your website. Websites that are built by developers can be moved to any hosting server of your choice and you are not tied to one provider or developer. You can choose your marketing company, developer and designer.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

Small projects generally take two to three months with larger projects ranging from six months or more. Simple landing pages for Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns take longer than most people realize as well. Every detail of a website must be planned, prepared and executed. It is important to allow enough time to have your website developed and launched correctly.

The first step is to have a meeting with the developer, teem or project manager working on your project. It is important to make sure everyone understands the requirements and the goals. It may take more then one meeting before any code is developed. These meetings can be remote or in person but they are vital to the success of your project.

do not hire a web designer

Don't Just Hire A Web Designer!!

While designers are great at graphic arts, they typically do not posses the necessary skills to develop and code your website. Professional website development requires a professional developer, and in most cases a team of people with different skill sets. We employ multiple disciplines so we can deliver a product that gives you a competitive edge.

How Do I Make My Website Successful?

You must have a clear goal for your project. This goal comes to realization through proper research, planning and execution. By meeting with our clients and learning about their business, we identify goals for your website before we enter the design phase. After design we move into the development phase. Our designers and developers work closely together to make sure every aspect of your website is built for performance and success.

Each component of your website is thoroughly analyzed for load time, proper code and to make sure it works across all devices while being in alignment with your branding guidelines.

how to make a successful website

Successful SEO Starts During Development.

Search engine optimization should be the first item on the agenda for a new website. It is important to spend time planning the organization and structure of a website before actually writing any code. We help our clients develop expertly written content that is professionally curated and flows with your website’s structure. One of the most important pieces is what is referred to as “Technical SEO”. We ensure that all of our code that is deployed follows best practices such as W3C guidelines and is responsive across different screen platforms.

how to make seo my website

Modern Website Design and Development

{An important defining factor in your online presence is the web design process. What others consider trivial aspects of web design principles we consider vitally important. The small details that are often overlooked can have large scale effects on your success. It is imperative that you choose a team that has this understanding and has the skill sets required for your projects success.

Which Technologies Should I Use?

There no one size fits all solution. Many clients go with the WordPress content management system because they are familiar with it and there is a lot of support available. Many of our clients also choose a custom database driven application. Because we are experts we are not bogged down with a one solution fits all. We explore the options with our clients and choose a solutions that best aligns with your particular needs.

which technologies should I build my website in

Do I Need Ongoing Support?

As a general rule the answer is yes. All websites should be kept up-to-date both for user experience and security. We partner with our clients to provide on-going support and help maintain their professional online presence.

The projects we launch are up-to-date with the latest in web standards at that given moment in time.

website support services

Expert Web Development Is The First Step Towards An Engaging Online Sales Funnel.

Successful online marketing campaigns begin with a dynamic and engaging online presence. Every component of your website should be designed to drive your visitors to engage and convert into well qualified leads.

After your project is live, our experts can help you with getting the exposure you need, raising brand awareness through targeted pay-per-click and social media marketing campaigns. We offer amazing service and professional support.

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